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Tucson Wool Festival

I’ve been down in Tucson, Arizona for the past week at a family reunion, but we managed to have some fiber adventures at the Tucson wool festival. That is after we got done wondering why in the world anyone would have a wool festival where it rarely gets down to freezing, even at night. We had a good time, my mom bought a nuno-felted scarf and a yarn bowl, and I got three new colors of roving for needle felting. I was very tempted by several fiber batts for spinning but decided I wasn’t so in love with them I had to have them and I figured I wouldn’t have enough room in my suitcase. Got to see lots of sheep and goats and got to pet some Alpacas; took lots of pictures (that is my dad took lots and I took a few) which I’ll post here for you.

Liz’s Wedding Present

I finally feel like I can post about this project that I’ve been working on for months! My friend Liz is getting married tomorrow and I’ve been working on this project for a while but didn’t want to post anything about it until I finished and it was closer to the wedding. I don’t think she reads my blog so I can post pictures and stuff here without worrying about ruining the surprise! So first things first, pictures of the finished project.

corner detail

K detail

detail of the loopyribbon bit

full piece

The piece is intended as a table accent thingy. I’m picturing it in my head as a sort of extra detail in the center of the table, probably turned so that it’s diagonal, rather than square like it is in the picture, but really she can use it however she wants and wherever it works. K is the first letter of her new last name, so I thought she’d appreciate the monogram. I had originally thought about doing something in all four corners but decided both for aesthetics and for time that it works best as is.

The stitching is padded satin stitch, that is, satin stitch done over an outline of backstitch. I drew the design myself. The K I took quite a while to draw on paper and get just right before transferring it but the swoopy bits I drew free-hand on the fabric using a chalk pencil. I’m rather pleased at how it turned out. I will try to get a picture of her with the piece and possibly of the piece once she puts it to use somewhere and I’ll add those pictures to this post when/if I get them!

Earth From Above Challenge

I’m sorry I haven’t posted for a while, I’ve been busy working on a project for a friend and it’s darn hard to get the motivation up to post when I’m looking for a job. But I was offered a job at Target today and suddenly I’m feeling motivated again! And I finished my project for my friend (good thing too, her wedding is tomorrow), which I’ll make a separate post about.

I finally got some information about the challenge from Aunt Annie’s(I also found their website), which they’re calling the Earth From Above Challenge (see my last post for a more in depth description). So here are pictures of the two pages that I chose as my inspiration for the challenge.


Chocolate Hills, Philippines

And here’s a better picture of my interpretation of the Chocolate Hills picture, I’m planning to do a bunch of stitching between the chocolates using the thread that is next to it in the picture. I stretched the thread across the piece to give a bit of an idea of how they’ll look together but it’s kinda hard to see in the picture.

I haven’t started on the Cathedral picture yet. I’m thinking though that I will do a 3D vertical piece that’s kind of shaped like the cathedral, but the most important part for me is going to be that texture. I think I’ll finish this piece first, before I start the next one though. I’ll post pictures when this one is finished and the next one is started. They need to be finished and to Aunt Annie’s by February 15th so more updates should be forthcoming before then!

Chocolate Hills

The shop Aunt Annie’s in Avon has issued a challenge of sorts to fiber artists (mostly quilters cause that’s who visits their shop) to interpret one of the photos out of a couple really awesome books of landscape pictures they have. That’s a really skimpy explanation and I’ll put a better one up later but it’s been a few days since I posted and I want to post some pictures of one of my pieces (I’m doing two, of course) for the challenge.

Apparently there is a place in the Philippines called the chocolate hills. It is called this supposedly because the grasses on the hills turn a chocolate brown when they dry out, but I think they look like little (or big, you might say) chocolates too. Of course, as anyone who has seen my felted stuff knows, I make needle felted chocolates and just had to take the picture of this landscape as one of mine for the challenge. I will post a copy of the picture later. I have been sanding and painting and gluing on dining room chairs all day and I’m feeling quite tired and lazy and my shoulder is veeeeeery sore so I’m going to be lazy and just post a bunch of pictures of the piece that I’ve already taken. Enjoy the preview of sorts.

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