Play Day!

Today I spent the afternoon with my mother and our friend Linda playing with fiber. Linda has a book full of these neat cords that are made by sewing over cords and pieces of fabric. It’s really neat but really hard to describe. I only did a little bit cause I was mostly playing with my mom’s embellishing machine, I’ll do a separate post about that one, but I did one cord, and my mom and Linda did some really cool ones.

For my cord I basically did a zigzag stitch over the cord with bright thread. I used black bobbin thread cause it was easy but I really like the contrast it gives to the thicker and brighter yarn. You can see the back a little bit here.

I varied the stitch length as well and found it gives interesting texture changes. When you pick the cord up it’s also a lot stiffer where the stitches are closer together, which makes sense.

My mom had several long crochet chains that she stitched over on both a regular sewing machine and her serger.

Here she is adding gold thread to give the cord more sparkle

This is the crochet chain she did on the Serger, I like the lacy bits.

You can see the lacy bits better on the close-up. Really it’s more that the stitching was only partially on the cord, so the extra stitching gives it a lacy effect.

Linda did a lot more with ribbons and skinny cords and then adding on scraps of fabric. I really like hers, they turned out very neat and funky. Then again she has had more practice than us! Raw talent may help a bit too ;-D.

These are three separate cords.

Linda was putting these little holes into her cords. She said she shows buttons onto the cords and puts the button through the holes in the cord to make loopy, sometimes bow-shaped, things. They’re very cool.

She got lots of neat fringe-y bits from the edges of the fabric scraps too. Creates nice texture and dimension.

And because action shots are fun, here are a couple pictures of my mom and Linda working on their cords.


5 responses to this post.

  1. […] I mentioned in the post Play Day, my mom recently bought an embellishing machine. Personally I call it a needle felting machine but […]


  2. Posted by Linda McShannock on October 2, 2012 at 10:53 pm

    I didn’t realize you were taking such detailed notes. Back home I’ve already lost momentum, but your pics inspire me to set aside time to continue experimenting. All the bits and pieces have been spread around the house, joining with previous bits and pieces to create a layered confusion of ideas. Sorting it through will be entertaining, but not as much fun as being at your house.


  3. Not so much taking notes as a good memory assisted by lots of pictures, and writing the post the same day. I can’t wait to see what you do with your inspiration. And playing with fiber is always more fun with friends! Especially my mom, cause I swear she has every craft supply you could ever need.


  4. Posted by Caithryn on October 10, 2012 at 12:18 pm

    I am intrigued. What is this book? What are the loopy, occasionally bow things? What do you use these for? I’m mostly thinking trim, but I’m sure I’m missing a whole array of uses. I wanna make my scraps pretty and useful, darn it!


    • I’ll have to get the name of the book from my mom and tell you later. The loopy occasionally bow things are basically shapes made out of the cords that you can use for pins or embellishments or whatever. They are very good for trim, also for use in crazy quilts and art quilts. I’ve been thinking about using mine for shoe laces, cause I think it would make my shoes much more spiffy.


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