Serenity is finished!

A while ago I posted here about making a model of the ship Serenity from the TV show Firefly (also from the movie Serenity, but the show was first). Now I am happy to say I have finished it! It sat around for a while and every time I walked by it I would look at it and think I should work on it but the shape just didn’t seem right and I wasn’t happy with it. Then one day I really felt like working on it so I just decided to go with it and see how it turned out. I started working on the back of the ship cause it was the bit with the most intricate detail, and as I worked more on that I realized it was starting to look like the ship! I was so excited that I’ve been working on it like crazy for about a week now. Although I discovered that trying to work on it while watching Firefly was not a good idea, I was far too distracted by actually watching the show, I have finally finished it. Here’s the process in pictures.

These two were in my other post, but here’s a quick recap. I made the basic shape of the ship out of plain white wool, something I have quite a bit of. Then I painted it with fabric spray-paint so I would be working on a surface that was more black than white, since the final piece was planned to be gray, the black is a better base color.

Here’s the back of the ship when I started working on it again, this is when I got inspired again. It’s not the best picture but I have better later.

The bottom part of the ship is quite square, so I had to work on that quite a bit. Needle felting doesn’t really want to do square and sharp corners, so it takes a lot more effort. And the original body shape was quite round so I had to add some extra fiber to get the square corners.

This is about halfway done. I have the basic coloration on the whole ship (except the front head bit, which is why it’s not in the picture) and I’ve got the shape on the bottom done but haven’t started shaping the top really yet.

One thing I knew from the beginning was going to be tough was the extra panels that stick off the ship. I haven’t seen them talked about anywhere but I imagine they’re solar panels, makes sense to me. I made the panels separately and attached them so that they actually stick out from the body of the ship, like they do in the pictures. You’ll notice later that I added some gray lines on the panels, they seemed to stick out way more than they should when they were just plain blue. You can also see the front windows in this shot.

I put the shuttles on the side of the ship and one of them turned out much better than the other, so I put the side panel right above the shuttle that didn’t turn out as well, figured I could kind of hide it that way. Although now that I’ve told you, it’s not really hidden.

I had been debating whether or not to put legs on the ship. What I really would have liked to do is put legs on that are actually retractable like on the real ship, but I think Ill need to make a bigger model to do that. When I had mostly finished the ship I realized it just wasn’t going to sit straight without support. It kept tipping to the sides, I think the engines are a bit heavy. So I decided I needed to make legs that would actually support the weight of the ship. Hence the pipe cleaners. I have seen lots of tutorials about working with pipe cleaners in needle felting for structure but this was my first time working with them, it worked out pretty well. And I think the legs look like they belong on some cute little alien creature. 🙂

And above is the finished piece from several angles. And now, because I am so happy with how it turned out, and I just can’t help bragging about the details, here are some close-ups of certain parts.

I put the windows on the round bit for the kitchen/dining area. There’s even windows on the front of that bit, I’m not sure what area those are for but they were in all the pictures and on all the models I could find online.

You can just see the little bit of air space under the ship here. The legs do in fact support the whole thing, that took a lot of doing when I attached them cause they just wanted to flop out to the sides, so I’m very happy they turned out.

And there’s the little shuttle in the side of the ship. I’m ashamed to say I almost forgot to put the shuttles on, but remembered when I was looking at the body of the ship and something just seemed to be missing. Its hard to show in a picture but the shuttles are even the right shape, with the little fold in wings on the back half.

So there it is. I am very much thinking about doing a larger one with functioning parts, like a cargo-bay door that opens, engines that swivel, and shuttles that are removable. It will probably be a while until I do that though, I have some Christmas presents I need to get working on, and something that big will take a lot of wool and a lot more time!










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