If You Give a Baron a Cookie

This project is not my usual fiber-y stuff, but it involves both paper and wood which I think qualify as fiber, and it’s the project I’ve been spending all my time on lately. I have mentioned the SCA before, and that I’m a member of the group. One of the things I really enjoy about the group is that participants earn and are given titles. One of these titles is Baron/ness. There are some local SCA groups that are so large they elect to become what is known as a Barony, which means, among many other things, they have a Baron and/or Baroness who is/are a figure head of sorts. They encourage the growth of the group and help to recognize and reward members of the group for their service and efforts.

The SCA group that I started in is a Barony, and I think it will always feel like my home group, no matter how long I live elsewhere. The man who was the Baron of the group for the whole time I lived there (and only a week ago stepped down from the post) inspired me to write a story based on the book “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” because, well, he was given a cookie and promptly quoted several lines from the book, completely amazing me. Little did I know he works with a children’s theater and they had recently performed a version of the story.

So I wrote the story “If You Give a Baron a Cookie”. And because I am not very good at doing anything small, I promptly decided that I needed to create the whole book, including illustrations, and that the illustrations should be done by woodcut. I had recently learned woodcarving, I blame an overabundance of enthusiasm for a new technique for that particular idea. I managed to get the book all put together, pictures in a minute, and presented it to him at court, where the Baron and Baroness along with much help from the populace, started acting the story out as I read it aloud. It was absolutely hilarious and the story is much more enjoyable when acted out. It seems to have become quite popular, which I am just tickled about. I created a second copy of the book for a friend for just this past weekend, so I was going crazy doing all that. And here are pictures after all my rambling!


It was important to me to make the Baron and Baroness recognizably the pair who had inspired the story, which is why the clothing is how it is. And I have been told they are quite recognizable, so it worked! And here is the whole text of the story, I do have pictures of each page but I figured I’d spare you trying to read the words through each picture and just give a few examples in pictures and type the whole text out for you.


If you give a Baron a cookie

He’ll want a mug of milk.
When he has a mug of milk

He’ll, of course, need somewhere to sit.
When he has somewhere to sit

He’ll want to put his feet up.
Once he puts his feet up

He will want a book to read.

If he has a book to read

He will want a lovely lady

To read it for him.
Since she is reading for him,

her throat will get dry,

And she will ask for a drink.


If the Baroness has a drink

The Baron will want one too.
And if the Baron has a drink

He will want a cookie.


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  1. Posted by writingthebody on January 16, 2013 at 8:06 am

    Well your knitwear is still in my mind somewhere….I nominated you for a blog award for your amazing images and accounts of them all!..http://writingthebody.wordpress.com/2013/01/16/versatile-blog-award/


  2. […] story is yet again in the format of “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” (like the book in this post), that format seems to work well for me. But this time the whole book is going to be made of fiber […]


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