Grandma’s Scarf and Hedgehog

My grandmother on my father’s side passed away a couple weeks ago. It’s the kind of thing that adds a lot of chaos to life, both by complicating daily life with time out of town and away from work, and with all the emotional grief and difficulty that comes with losing a loved one. What I’m trying to say is, sorry I’ve been gone a while, but I had a good reason.


This post is about a couple of old projects that I recently came across again because I had given them to my grandma and saw them again when we were packing up her things. First is a hedgehog I made for her.



This little guy is one of a whole series of hedgehogs I made for several members of my family. I just realized I haven’t done a full post about the hedgehogs yet, I’ll have to do that as it was a fun and interesting project to make, and I will probably make more. Basically, the hedgehogs are first knitted and then felted, with novelty yarn used along with the wool yarn to make the “spines” on the back. She liked her little hedgehog and I think she would pet him sometimes cause the hair on the top of his head was always smoothed down, made him look a bit squished, but that’s okay.

Second is a scarf I made for her.

I’m pretty sure this is the first full project I made that had cables, I’m not counting the swatches I did while learning to  knit cables, though I made a cabled scarf for my aunt at pretty much the same time. Most of the info I have about it is from memory, which is rather vague, and what I could tell from my pictures and a short examination of the piece itself. I’m pretty sure it’s just three basic 6-wide braid cables. What that means is that while knitting, three stitches are transferred to a cable needle and left to hang alternately in front of and behind the work (the direction the cable slants is based on whether the stitches are in front of or behind the work) and the next three stitches are knitted. Then the stitches that were separated are knitted, which means that the first group and the second group have switched places. It’s called a 6-wide cable because while you’re only moving three stitches at a time, the whole maneuver takes six stitches total.


I can’t remember which project I gave her first, but she liked them both so much she had them both displayed in her room, even after she moved to a new place. She always kept the scarf wrapped around the hedgehog (like in the picture below) and sitting somewhere she could see them. I always loved that about her, she was very definite about supporting me and loving anything I made.



Grandma loved that I knit. She was actually the person who taught me to knit the first two times, of course neither of those times stuck, but when it did stick she just loved to see me knit. She would always say I reminded her of her mother because I was always knitting and never just sitting, and her mother used to do the same. I left the scarf with her, I think she’d like that and I don’t think I’d ever be able to bring myself to do anything else with it. I kept the hedgehog though, he’s one of my favorites of the hedgehogs and a good reminder of her. And as hard as it is, losing her has inspired me more to keep knitting, it’s a tribute to her in a way and a constant connection to her memory, and isn’t that such a big part of crafting, connecting with our past? And creating a future as well, which is what I’m trying to focus on, moving on to the next adventure, like Grandma always did.


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