Beauty and the Breast, the Show!

I’ve been getting sillier with my titles lately, this one is a vague reference to Spaceballs, “Spaceballs the Movie, Spaceballs the T-Shirt, Spaceballs the Action Figure, Spaceballs the TV Show!” or something like that.  So, last Thursday was the opening reception thing for the Beauty and the Breast show (my previous posts about the show can be found here and here) and I actually managed to get the night off so I could go to it! I didn’t actually end up spending a lot of time there though, because I went to a talk with my dad that was being given at MSUM by the author Sherman Alexie (he’s one of my dad’s favorite authors). The pieces look even better all together, and there were some I hadn’t seen yet, not to mention I hadn’t seen the space at all. The pieces fit well in the space, and it was so neat to see all the different takes and thoughts about breasts, and how the same prompt gave everyone such different ideas. That’s one of my favorite parts about these shows, to see all the different things people come up with based on the same prompt/subject.

There’s not a whole lot else for me to say about the show (only one paragraph, amazingly short for me, I know!) so here are the pictures, with a few details in the captions, of course.

My next few weeks are going to be really busy cause I’m going to be out of town for three weekends straight starting in a couple weeks, so I need to get as much homework done ahead of time as I can. My point being that little to no fiber stuff is likely to get done, but I will try! And if anything does get done I will tell you about it! And if I think of it I will get some good pictures of my mom’s work room so I can start the series of posts showing studios/workrooms that I’ve been thinking about.


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