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Winter ATCs

Now that it’s finally feeling like spring, I think I can face posting about the winter artist trading cards! Yeah, we’ll say that’s the reason I didn’t post sooner.

To start, here are the ones I made, and pictures of the process.

So I decided I wanted to play more with free-motion machine stitching to make this round of ATCs. I used metallic silver thread on dissolvable plastic interfacing stuff (I’m really not good with the technical names of things, so I make my own up. Can you tell?). I figured I could easily cut a single snowflake into four pieces, and I needed six cards, so I decided to make two snowflakes and planned to then have two extra cards. After making the first snowflake, I was running low on time and really didn’t want to make another one that big, so I made a smaller one that I could just cut in half and make the final two cards out of.

I had expected the big snowflake to take up more of each card once it was cut up. I think it shrunk a lot as I was stitching (you can see the dissolvable stuff is pretty bunched up) which I hadn’t taken into account when I was marking out the size for the snowflake, and that’s why it turned out smaller than I expected. The background really needed something though, since the main snowflake was way too small on some of them, and I didn’t have time to make another snowflake, so I figured I would just hand stitch some small “snowflakes” in the background. I’m actually really happy with how that worked out, it looks nice. I like how the small snowflake looks a lot better. I think it looks more like a snowflake than the big one. The big one turned out looking rather like a doily, and I’m not totally sure how I could have avoided that with the style of snowflake I wanted to do. But everyone who got one of the cards was happy with it, so I’m satisfied.

And here are the other ATCs. I only got half of them, because we have twelve (or maybe it’s even thirteen) people in the exchange and nobody wants to make twelve cards, so we only get half of the other people’s cards at each exchange. But there are pictures of all of them (I think), and a couple of the highly complicated exchange process.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The next exchange is at the April meeting and the theme is spring! I will have more pictures after that, and I’m going to a needle felting retreat in a couple weeks and will try to take lots of pictures there to share with you. There will even be little lambs!

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