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Postcards- and a Sheep name!

First, for those who may have been waiting for a while, I decided to name the stuffed sheep Ramona. Today she’s keeping an eye on the garden for me to scare rabbits away.


Don’t worry, it’s just a nerf gun and she has terrible aim, no rabbits were harmed. I’m sure she will continue to have adventures for me to share with you.

Now, the postcards!

My postcard this time was on the theme A Rose, is a Rose, is a Rose. The obvious thing to do would be something involving roses or flowers, but I don’t enjoy making flowers all that much, so I was trying to come up with something else. Then I remembered that Andy’s grandmother’s name was Rose, and there are a lot of Roses out there. So I decided to do a postcard covered with pictures of people named Rose. First I did a good deal of thinking and google searching to find famous Roses, or Roses that Virginia (the card’s recipient) knows and pictures of those folks. Then I arranged them all into the right size on the computer and printed them onto fabric (I love that printable fabric!). I decided that the fabric was too see-through and the color of the backing I was going to use (brown) wouldn’t look very good behind it, so I found a red/pinkish fabric in my stash to put behind it. You can’t really see the background fabric, but I didn’t want it to be real visible and it works.

Then I decided it looked a bit too plain, so I wanted to add some flowers and “vines” to it. I embroidered the vines on and bought some little premade silk flowers to put on (I don’t know how to make them and was too lazy to learn for this, I really don’t enjoy making flowers), as well as a shiny one with sequins! Then I just folded the edges under and zig-zagged the postcard back on, and voila!

I had trouble finding enough Roses, so I added in some Rosies as well and decided to call it A Rose is a Rose is a Rosie. Everybody asks and I do know who each Rose is, but I don’t have an easy way to show which is which so I’ll just list them in sort of rows starting at the top left corner.

Top row: Rose from Dr. Who, Calypso Rose (a musician), Rose from Titanic, Rose Nabinger (a composer), Karla Rose Hanson

Middle row beginning with picture on left edge: Rose Lynch (Andy’s grandmother), Rose (an actress whose last name I don’t know and I can’t find where I saved the picture), Rosie Perez (actress and film producer), Rose Wilder Lane (daughter of Laura Ingalls Wilder), Rose Leslie (another actress), Rosie O’Donnel

Middle row beginning one picture in from the left: Rose Bassino (one of the victims of the shirtwaist factory fire which prompted workplace safety reform), Rose from Goldengirls, Rose Ortiz (the Pink Power Ranger), Rose Kennedy

Bottom row: Rosie the Riveter, Rose Mcgowan (another actress), Rose Venkatesan (I think she’s an Indian actress, I don’t remember for sure), Rose Stone (I believe also an actress), Rose Porteus (possibly an actress, mostly famous for an infamous boyfriend), Lady Rose Gillman (a British noble/possibly sister of Kate Middleton, can’t remember)

That took up way more space than I expected, sorry. But now, pictures of all the other amazing postcards that were given out!

Sorry about the bad memory on some of the postcards, I got really busy immediately after the meeting where we exchanged them so I don’t remember them as well as I usually do. I’ve had a less busy week now, so I’m a bit rested up but we’re coming up on a week filled with birthdays and then the week before the Fiber Arts Festival, so I’ll be busy again! I have at least one other project I want to post about (I think it’s just the one but I’m not certain…) and I will try to remember to take pictures at the Fiber Arts Fest so I can share those with you as well!

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