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September Postcards

More postcards have been exchanged, and this time I got one! And it’s a cool one, but first I’ll tell you about the one I made.

This time around I made a postcard for the theme “When Pigs Fly”. Every time I hear the phrase used I always think about the fact that pigs canย fly, if you throw them! (I seem to have inherited my mother and grandfather’s contrariness ๐Ÿ™‚ ) So when I saw this theme I just knew I had to make a pig catapult! So I spent some time looking for a pig button or bead, with my mom’s help, so that I could put it on a wire that it would slide along when “catapulted”. Then I needed to figure out the catapult arm, and I decided that something looking like a small wooden spoon would work really well. I ended up making several of them out of shrinky dinks, as well as several pigs for the background (thanks to my mom having print-able shrinky dinks!). To make the catapult create it’s own momentum, I needed a small spring, and I decided to salvage one from a pen, which worked out quite nicely. Once I had all those pieces it was just a matter of assembly.

The assembly on this one was a bit trickier than usual. To get the catapult arm working I had to attach a wire to the back of the top part of the spoon and needed to give it an axis on the bottom to turn on. I decided that the easiest way to make it turn was to use a couple of buttons with wire to connect them. It seemed to work pretty well. Between that and the wire for the pig, I did a lot of gluing things to the back of the piece. Then I added an extra layer of timtex to smooth out the back of the postcard.

Now, for the rest of the postcards! You may (or may not) remember that the theme people are supposed to be using to make postcards for me is fractals. The one I got this time is a picture of a tree, because Mary Ann said that a tree is the only fractal she could think of. A tree is a fractal because the shape is the same and repetitive in both the large and small scale, like how you can look at a small branch with the little twigs splitting off and it’s the same shape as the whole tree with the branches coming off the trunk. Here are pictures of all of the new ones!

I’m working on a new needle felting project right now, so assuming school and work don’t go too crazy, I will have a post for you about that soon. I will definitely have another post about the postcards after the next exchange, in November!

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