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Taos Wool Festival

Back in October my mom and I met up with a couple friends in Taos, NM and went to the Taos Wool Festival. It was loads of fun, both the festival and just hanging out and shopping/sightseeing, but I didn’t get around to writing a post about it right away, so lots of the details have slipped my mind already. I do have lots of pictures though!

The festival was interesting and enjoyable. I had expected it to be huge like the Fiber Fiesta, but it was much smaller and closer to the size of the Fiber Arts Festival at home. That was okay, because it wasn’t so overwhelming. There was a nice variety of booths and a few interesting workshops as well as lots of adorable animals and a dog sweater fashion show! I ended up getting an abbreviated private session of a spinning workshop because a heavy rainstorm blew through and we hid out in the booth of the person who happened to be the teacher for the workshop. So I’ve been experimenting more with color in my spinning since then(I’ll post more on that later). There were also Churro sheep, which are an adorable heritage sheep breed from NM with gorgeous, but rather course, wool.

After the festival we wandered through the shops in Taos, including a local yarn store, and found some neat things including a big installation of prayer flags, a knitted skeleton, and a yarn-bombed bicycle.


Then we went back to the hotel and I taught one of our friends to spin with a drop-spindle.

She caught on really fast, too!

She caught on really fast, too!















Taos doesn’t have an airport (at least not a commercial one), so we flew into and out of Santa Fe and drove to Taos. The drive was gorgeous, and of course we stopped at a local yarn store in Santa Fe too.

It was a really fun trip, and I would like to go again. My mom seemed to enjoy it but was also generally uninterested in returning, so maybe I’ll have to find some other folks to take back with me!


Postcard Catch-up

My mom kept bothering me to write an update here, and I wasn’t too worried cause I thought I was only one postcard exchange behind, but now I discover I’m two behind and never posted anything about the Taos Wool festival! So I’m starting with the last two months of postcard exchanges.

Because of school I got a bit behind and didn’t have a postcard finished for November, but I did get one finished for January. The theme for this one was Big Town on the Prairie aka Fargo. One of my favorite things about living in such a flat part of the prairie (sounds redundant doesn’t it? But the Red River Valley is even flatter than the rest of the prairie) is the fact that you can basically see forever. Theoretically on a clear day the only limit to how far you can see is the limit of your eyes ability to perceive or the curve of the earth. Pretty cool, huh? Several people had already done the skyline of Fargo as seen from the distance, so I decided to go a different direction and do the skyline at night. Because the area is so flat you can see the lights of any town, but especially one as big as Fargo, for 50 or more miles in any direction.

Debbie, the woman the postcard was for, really liked the ATCs I made with the lightning, but didn’t get one in the exchange. I had told her that I would make one for her, but I never got to it :-(, so I figured this was the perfect opportunity to improve on the promise. So I made a pretty plain looking postcard, which lights up when you press down in the right spot! The skyline in the front is more opaque than the background, so it gets backlit while the background gets washed out, just like with city skylines at night.

Thankfully she loved it! The lights are three LEDs connected to a watch battery, similar to the construction of the lightning ATCs. Unfortunately I couldn’t get them situated right so that it is really easy to press down and get all three to light up, you tend to get just two of them, but Debbie doesn’t mind and was actually quite happy to be able to turn just one on at a time if she wants, so that turned out well!

Now, the other postcards! There are a lot here because it’s two months worth of exchanges, but there are still at least three cards missing. My mom is still short one, as am I, and I still have one that I need to finish. But I should be done soon! (Hopefully :-/)

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My mom says that Mary Ann and I are each others fan clubs, which I have no problem with at all. Everybody needs a fan club. I just love her sense of humor, it works for me, and she’s so good at the deadpan joke delivery that it’s even better! 😀

Next up: the Taos Wool Festival

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