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Needle Felted feather

My friend Ramon naalbinds (it’s a very old fiber technique which is sometimes called one needle knitting but isn’t actually knitting, it’s cool stuff) and makes these neat hats that he then wet felts.

this isn't the exact hat, but it's close

They always seem to have a little point at the top (I don’t know if it’s on purpose but its neat) and he has one that he wears a lot and folds the brim up on the sides and kinda looks like a Robin Hood hat.He was mentioning at the fiber arts fest this past August that he thinks it needs a feather and I said, Ooooo I could totally needle felt one for it! So now I finally finished the feather.

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To make the feather I cut a thin strip of commercial felt, which I ended up folding in half both for size and sturdiness, which I used to make the central structure of the feather (I know there’s a technical name for that part of the feather but I’m not real worried bout it). Then I covered the commercial felt in the wool roving that was the color I wanted for the feather, so I could make it the right color and shape it so it’s more round. Making the actual feathery bits was a lot trickier cause I really had no plan for that. So, I stretched the wool roving out until it was very airy and loose and just tacked it to the center of the feather. I decided that wasn’t sturdy or thick enough alone so I added a couple more layers of that in spots and did some very tentative poking all over the feathery bits until it looked like the texture I wanted it. But what really made it look like a feather was cutting the edges to the right shape, I don’t think I could have just felted it into the shape I wanted, which is what I usually try to do, so I’m glad I thought to just trim it. And we have a feather! Now it’s just to unite it with the hat and see how it looks, sadly that may take a while cause the hat is in the Twin Cities, but I will post a picture when they’re together!


P.S. I’m trying out using the slideshow instead of the gallery for the pictures, let me know what you think!

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