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Tucson Wool Festival

I’ve been down in Tucson, Arizona for the past week at a family reunion, but we managed to have some fiber adventures at the Tucson wool festival. That is after we got done wondering why in the world anyone would have a wool festival where it rarely gets down to freezing, even at night. We had a good time, my mom bought a nuno-felted scarf and a yarn bowl, and I got three new colors of roving for needle felting. I was very tempted by several fiber batts for spinning but decided I wasn’t so in love with them I had to have them and I figured I wouldn’t have enough room in my suitcase. Got to see lots of sheep and goats and got to pet some Alpacas; took lots of pictures (that is my dad took lots and I took a few) which I’ll post here for you.

Busy Busy!

Yesterday I spent most of the day hanging out with SCA people working on projects, it was lots of fun and I finished the rainbow cowl! Yay! I also got a couple very nice complements on the yarn I was using, which I spun myself, that made me feel really good. Here are a couple pictures of the finished cowl before blocking.

the cowl before blocking

it's a Mobius cowl, hence the twist

the cowl is rolled up in a towel drying into the shape I want it- hopefully!










The cowl isn’t dry yet, but I’m hoping that the edges won’t curl up as badly once it’s blocked. I will post finished pictures, probably tomorrow, once it’s all dry.

After all that fun yesterday I really wanted to do more fiber stuff today, but I really didn’t feel like casting on the mittens that I have planned as my next knitting project, and was not in an embroidery mood. So I finally started spinning the beautiful fiber I got last Christmas in Arizona.

I don’t remember the exact blend, but it’s mostly, if not all, wool and I’m pretty sure at least some of it is merino. It’s wonderfully soft! I decided I want to spin it quite thin and then ply it, although I haven’t decided if I want to do 2- or 3-ply yet, we’ll have to see how the singles go first. Once I started spinning it I remembered why I tend to spin chunky yarn, spinning really thin, and keeping it even, is hard! I kept getting too thin and it would break, and it took me a while to get the draw tension and pedaling ratio right, and I’m used to it being pretty simple. This will be a good exercise though. And this stuff just looks and feels so light and airy it really needs to be thin so it can be made into a lacy shawl or shrug of some kind.

So here’s the little bit of yarn I have spun up already.

yarn on the wheel

I really like how the colors are coming out. In the roving you can see bits and pieces of darker blues and sort of purpley and a little bit that’s almost orange but it all kinda blends together into one shade which is still quite nice. I noticed pretty quickly as I started spinning it that the colors tended to separate out and almost stripe a bit, which I’m starting to like. I’m hoping that when I ply it I can get the colors in the different plies offset from each other so it gets a tweedy look, I find I tend to like that method of blending colors in my yarns. I only got as far as what is done in the picture though because I had to stop and get dinner (it’s really hard to concentrate on spinning when your stomach is growling!) and after dinner I’ve now decided I’m too sleepy and zoney to continue working on spinning that requires that much concentration. Hopefully my fiber working streak continues to tomorrow so I can get more done!

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